About Our Community


Danube Church is a welcoming international community that invites people to know Jesus, experience the life-changing power of the gospel, and take His message to Budapest and the world.

We exist as a church to be God's tool to present a witness of Jesus Christ through our actions, attitudes, words, and works. We seek to develop Christ-like, multiplying disciples who, through lifestyles based on the Bible, are growing in their loving relationship with God, with others, and ministering to the glory of God.


In 1995 a number of families found themselves in Budapest, drawn together around the common desire to follow Jesus Christ, to serve one another, and to serve the greater English speaking community. They began what is now called Danube International Church.


Like most international churches, the people who attend Danube International come from a number of different nations and represent a number of different church backgrounds within evangelical traditions. Many who attend the church have had years of experience living in cross-cultural settings in Europe and around the world. Some come to Hungary for business or government capacities, while others are in the country teaching English or working at International Schools. Many others are living in Budapest and directing Christian ministries in a number of other Central and Eastern European Countries.


Danube International Church incorporates both modern and traditional styles of music and expressions of worship during our morning service.


Danube International Church provides opportunities for children from age two through high school. Children ages two through 5th grade meet forSunday School during the church service. There is a nursery provided for infants up to two years old also during the service. There are programs provided throughout the week for middle and high school students.


The community of people at Danube International Church brings a rich heritage and strong experience in dealing with the difficulties often encountered in living in a cross cultural setting, especially for the first time. They provide a deep sense of Christian tradition and expression that is often needed when feeling discouraged. A loving, caring church family is a wonderful asset to anyone away from home.